New location! Hello Kent, WA!

I am now providing nutrition related services at The Whole Health Clinic in Kent, WA with Dr. Sharum Sharif, ND. I am available on Wednesdays from 10am to 6pm for individual consultations and will be offering various classes or support groups some mornings at 10am and some evenings at 6:30 pm.

The service I offer – therapeutic eating plans, weight loss and support for eating behaviors and your relationship with food, compliment the naturopathic, homeopathic and tapping methods that Dr. Sharif utilizes to achieve incredible results with gut healing, food sensitivities, and more. Once he has helped to energetically shift your system, it is important to learn to determine the best input for you, so the body can maintain or improve the healthy state.


The Whole Health Clinic
6632 S 191st Pl. E-110, Kent, WA 98032
Wednesdays, 10 am to 6pm

Please contact Susan Blake at (253) 778-0684 or for appointments.

The Whole Body Shop

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Mind Body Spirit Food

From a global perspective, a human body is basically put together in the same way. However, each person is also uniquely different, with a specific blueprint. As well, when someone experiences adverse health conditions, symptoms or disease, these too are individual and specific.

Therefore, healthcare and nutrition must consider each person biological individuality and uniqueness in order to effectively support and promote good health. The functional and holistic approach to whole body health and nutrition utilized here at The Whole Body Shop,  accomplishes just this – understanding that each person is unique, all system work together synergistically, healing comes from within and problems don’t usually happen overnight. It is important to uncover/discover the underlying dysfunctions and progression of factors that led to each person’s current state of health, and address each person’s unique pattern of external input – food, water, activity, mindfulness/relaxation, etc. for optimal health.

Living in the modern world, in societies that thrive on technology and information, can be overwhelming and confusing – and a bit toxic! When research has discovered that a baby in the womb has already been exposed to hundreds of chemicals, it is hard to live in a way to promotes health even when trying to be healthy.

Nutrition often focuses on the food you are eating or not eating. While this is very important, whole body health also includes addressing systemic dysfunction, particularly digestion and the microbiome, habits, patterns and perspectives (i.e. the mind, thoughts, and emotions).

Diet and lifestyle are major contributing factors to age related conditions and disease. This means that we have to make different choices. Are you ready to change more than just your diet? Are you ready to think about nutrition as being beyond food? Are you ready to support your body to be able to heal itself? Are you ready?!

I am looking for clients who are ready to change and who are ready for support on their journey.

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What can nutritional therapy do for me?


After analyzing what you actually consume, we will collaboratively modify intake in a stepwise manner.


As good health is dependent on more than just a good diet, we will also look at other factors such as activity, sleep, relaxation, recreation, and stress.


Digestion is a significant underlying cause of most conditions. Improving it will aid your health journey.


After implementing the correct diet/lifestyle changes, your body begins to heal from within.

What can nutritional therapy do for me?


At our first meeting I will access what is and isn’t working in your current diet and recommend changes.


Converting to organic, healthy foods will improve your physical and mental health.


Digestion is the underlying cause of all conditions. Improving it will lead to health benefits.


After implementing the correct diet changes, your body will begin to heal and shed excess weight.


  • Individual nutrition counselling

  • Digestive Support

  • Support implementing an elimination diet and detoxification

  • GAPS certified

  • Mindful eating

  • Self-compassion

  • Internal Family Systems model to address eating/food patterns and habits

  • Nutrition education such as classes, presentations, workshops, and personal retreats

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If you have any questions about Nutritional Therapy, upcoming classes, or payments, please feel free to contact me.