the whole body shop

Please take this short quiz:

1. Are you tired of following new diet trends, removing whole food groups, and feeling frustrated you just don’t know what to eat?
2. Are you searching for the magic formula that will fix a specific symptom?
3. Do you reply on supplements for your nutrients that allows you to continue eating a moderate to poor diet?
4. Have you tried changing the foods you eat but still follow the same eating patterns and behaviors?
5. Have you been able to find a healthy diet you can follow but still have symptoms you can’t get rid of?
6. Have you been able to ‘fix’ a symptom then notice a different condition that arises as the body tries to compensate?
7. Are you willing to look beyond food and supplements for internal factors that need to change and heal for better health?

If you answered yes to any of these (even if you only said yes inside your head) – you are in the right place!

At the Whole Body Shop, my goal is to help individuals look beyond external circumstances/factors (food, supplements, medication, job, stress, other people, etc.) to find the internal factors (mind, body, spirit, choices which may involve food) that are contributing to undesirable health/symptoms.

You’ve heard the expression, “just because it is simple, doesn’t mean it is easy”. I believe this sentiment applies. I consider it to be fairly simple to clear out your kitchen cupboards (unless you are like my mom. Love you, mom!), buy whole foods and decide you are going to eat differently. However, it is not usually easy to follow and stick with for a long period of time. But isn’t that what we want and the path to long term health? To change eating habits, permanently. That is why diets fail, fads come and go, and headlines continue to claim the latest magic solution. Most of the time a person doesn’t change the internal issues that go along with the choice or habit.

This path requires effort, courage, time, and more effort. It is not easy to change. But it is essential. How long have you been living the same way or following the same patterns? Aren’t you tired the endless cycle of chasing symptoms? If so, this path is for you – someone who recognizes that food and the external world do influence health and need to be tailored to each individual in balance for them but that the underlying factors that really need to change are internal.

Are you willing to really look within and say, “I want to be in charge of my health!” “I want to be responsible for my choices!”, and “I want to change what I say and think inside of my head that no one else but me hears and drive my choices!”

While I encourage you to not wait, if you are not ready, that is okay. I will be here waiting and available until you are ready because your health hasn’t gotten better ‘no matter what you try’ or has possibly has gotten worse.

If you are ready, make an appointment and let’s get started! Your health is the only thing you have to lose. The life and health you want are waiting for you to step in and take charge. And, I am ready to help you get there. Another goal at The Whole Body Shop is to help you discover and learn about your specific circumstances and to find the diet, lifestyle, and patterns that bring you joy, health and a vibrant life. I want to help you learn about the incredible body you live in and discover its ability to heal and function optimally with the right input and guidance.