I love this last week of the year. Time sort of stops: the rush of Christmas, or whatever holiday you celebrate, is over; excitement of New Year’s Eve and the start of a new year is beginning; work/school slows or stops; it’s cold and dark outside; there is just not much to do. And I consider it a perfect time to be with yourself and go within. There are many things one can do to relax and discover more about yourself – meditate, read a book, take a bath, go to the spa, bundle up and take a walk, take a yoga class, watch a movie, make some soup, paint or draw. The list is endless. I suggest you give yourself permission to enjoy this time and let your intuition guide you to the right activity. It always will if you get your fabulous brain out of the way!

One of the travesties of our Go, Go, Go society is the feeling that taking care of yourself is self-indulgent, that doing ‘nothing’ is wasting time. It is possible to cross the line to self-indulgence and wasting time, but most of us need to work harder on giving ourselves the care we need. I am often reminded of this when friends reveal they were sick in bed for a month because they didn’t take time to rejuvenate. Personally, I would rather take a week off, intentionally staying in bed and relaxing if I want, then be forced into it because my body gave out.

Yes, the voice in my head still reminds me of our societal standards that I am breaking. It is challenging to go from busy to quiet.

Yes, I am drawn to activities that often stir up emotion. Releasing emotions is a fabulous way to learn more about yourself.

And yes, I feel inspired.

I am inspired with ideas for classes, workshops, how to help others get healthy, and a new health challenge. I’m typically not a fan of mass diet plans or online health programs. I am also not a fan of suggesting someone follow a detailed diet, changing everything about what and how they eat. I would rather help people make small changes to find the best diet for themselves that is sustainable. So, an idea popped up. I will lead a group of people using Facebook to start adding foods into their diet, to start making a change towards whole food, to start finding their best diet. Here is how the plan goes:

  • Consume 3-6 cups of veggies per day (start with three and try to work up to six).
  • Eat rice and beans and greens for one meal every day (counts towards total veggies per day!)
  • Fix and eat organ meat once per week
  • Make a big pot of soup with bone/meat broth each week (also counts toward veggie consumption)
  • Eat your normal diet the rest of the time.

The plan is loosely based on many healthy eating plans including The Wahls diet in which Dr. Terry Wahls cured herself of MS (she ate 9 cups if veggies per day!) and the GAPS diet that helps the gut/brain connection. I’m not promising any results, I just believe in the principles and want to find a balanced approach to finding the best sustainable diet for me, and provide an opportunity for you to find yours!

This plan is a starting point, a beginning. It doesn’t provide suggestions for every meal or include all the foods I know are good to consume. The point is that it is a place to start. I think it is easier to start by adding in the foods you should be eating than to try to eliminate all of your cravings and addictions. So, let’s begin. Lets change together! I will post something daily, on Facebook, about food choices, getting prepared, planning ahead, cooking and fixing meals, obstacles encountered, or nutritional info. I invite your input and comments and to share your experience.

While its a starting point, each person is unique and may have different needs. You do not have to follow all of my suggestions and can modify them to your tastes. I will provide the reasons and health information, but it is your choice. I will answer general questions to my best ability, but am limited regarding personal questions. While following the plan, if you find you need specific advice, support or help, please set up an appointment or treat yourself to a series of appointments to address your specific needs. I have to know more about your health situation before I can make individual suggestions.

One of the reasons to make this a public challenge through Facebook is to be accountable. You are welcome to follow in secret, but publicly announcing your participation is a great opportunity that connects you to others and provides accountability – especially for the saboteurs inside our head! I believe that changing why and how one eats is much more difficult than simply changing what one eats. It is the main reason why diets don’t work and people return to their normal eating habits. I believe it is essential to change the habits and patterns associated with eating that makes a difference. So, when you start the challenge and face an internal obstacle, that’s the time to get individual support. Maybe your obstacle is preventing you from even starting! I say 2019 is the right time to challenge yourself to really make the changes you want to make to achieve the health you want to have. The start of a New Year is a great time to shake things up! Lets get started.