About Me

My name is Susan Blake and besides my favorite job of being mom to an amazing son, I am in the business of helping people improve their health and make changes. I believe events and circumstances that occur during life are opportunities for each of us to look within and discover. Sometimes we discover strengths we didn’t know about previously and sometimes we uncover things perceived as negative that we have been avoiding or hiding. The opportunity is for us to observe, honor/accept, listen and adapt – to be willing to change and remove obstacles that have been blocking our truth and expression. While these experiences are not always outwardly pleasant, they are inwardly rewarding and life giving. I seek this for myself and am passionate about helping others on their journey.

Here are some words that describe me: Truth seeker, Educator, Business Owner, Student, Dancer, Free Spirit, Researcher, Explorer, Nutrition Nut!

Our Focus

At the Whole Body Shop, the focus for great health is integrating all aspects of health:

In one sense each human body is basically the same. Underneath the skin, each person has fundamentally the same organs, fluids, tissues and cells. The basic biochemistry, anatomy and physiology, and biology are also fairly uniform. In another sense each person is biochemically unique – the genetics, environmental input, microbiome and development can vary from person to person. In addition, most symptoms and conditions are individual and specific. Therefore, any changes or protocols needed for improvements in health must also be unique and individual. There is no ‘one size fits all’ diet or regime.

Being healthy is more than just the food you eat. Being healthy is more than how much you weigh. Being healthy is more than taking supplements. If it were that easy, if you could figure this out by yourself, then everyone would be healthy and I would have a different job!

The food you eat is important. It provides the nutrients that are the building blocks for every cell structure and function. You must get all the essential nutrients from your food which includes many amino acids, fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, and water. Food can also be a source of toxins or allergens that contribute to degeneration, symptoms and conditions. Finding the right balance for you is crucial to your good health.

Why do I say that digestion and the other systems are more important than food? Because in order to get the nutrients out of the food you eat and into the body, the food has to be properly broken down and the nutrients absorbed. The only way that fresh, organic steamed spinach benefits a person is if their body can get the nutrients from the spinach into the blood/lymph and to the cells. While digestion is key for this to occur, all other systems must also be working well to attain good health as everything in the body works synergistically together. In addition, a healthy, sealed, and functioning digestive system, microbiome, and immune system are essential for protecting against the toxins and irritants inevitably present in consumed food, even ‘healthy’ food.

How on earth could what you think and believe affect your health? What a person thinks and believes often determines their habits and patterns as well as their choices and actions. What we think and believe are often learned over a lifetime with much contribution from families, school, peers, social media, and advertising. We typically believe something when we perceive it is the truth. Some things, however, may not actually be true, but a person develops their beliefs and lives accordingly. This relates to eating because it is often not the food a person eats that is difficult to change but their behavior or pattern around eating that food. One reason why diets often fail is that people revert back to their old, and comfortable way of eating afterward trying to change food but not habits.

That is why at the Whole Body Shop all aspects of health are addressed. I am ready to help you shift the food you eat, improve digestions and other systems AND modify your habits and patterns around food.

I’m interested in helping people shift away from:

The medical norms

to realize that the body CAN heal itself when given the right support; to listen to the internal body wisdom and individual needs, and to recognize that medication is a leading cause of death.

The health food industry norms

to realize that packaged food, no matter how ‘healthy’ is not whole food, supplements are not an adequate substitute for a poor diet, and that while important, food is an external factor affecting our internal health.

The social norms

to realize you are a unique individual with unique characteristics, qualities and needs, to break free from generalized recommendations, and to seek your own way of living. Release boundaries and judgements others and society place on you.

The physical norms

to realize you are more than the (beautiful) body you live in and to focus on healthy thoughts, beliefs, responses, habits, and perceptions. Break free of the age, gender, race, weight, or any other box that prevents a person from freely being their true self.

As research discovers that diet and lifestyle are major contributing factors to age related conditions and disease, it means that we have to make different choices! It also means that your health is in your hands:

  • What you believe affects what you think

  • What you think affects what & how you eat

  • What and how you eat affects digestion

  • Digestion affects nutrients absorbed

  • Nutrients absorbed affect brain function

  • Brain function affects how you feel

  • How you feel influences what you believe


If you have any questions about Nutritional Therapy, upcoming classes, or payments, please feel free to contact me.