What Can Nutritional Therapy Do For Me

    helps you determine the best diet for your needs and individual conditions

    promotes eating a whole food, seasonal, local, fresh, balanced diet

    teaches you how to make your food more digestible

    supports and balances the digestive system, microbiome, blood sugar, and elimination

   encourages addressing habits and patterns around food

  provides information to dispel many industry driven health/food myths

    heals and seals the gut, and more!

What To Expect From A Consultation

At your nutritional consultation, you will learn that an imbalance with, disturbance in, or degeneration of the gastrointestinal tract is often the root cause of many of the symptoms and conditions you are experiencing. For example, food sensitivities may mean you have leaky gut and need to first focus on healing your intestinal lining. The immune system is integrally associated with the digestive system. Therefore, many immune or autoimmune issues can be supported and improved by improving digestion and the microbiome. Part of a consultation includes determining which parts of the system need support and what type of support best suits your individual needs.

First Component

The components that provide this information are a comprehensive initial interview that looks at your whole life, determining a timeline of how conditions progressed, a detailed symptom questionnaire and a functional exam. The functional exam is where the practitioner tests a series of pressure points on the relaxed, comfortable and fully clothed client. Each point is associated with a different part of the system; those that are most sensitive indicate the need for support. These points can then be used to test specific supplements that change the sensitivity of the points, thereby indicating individual specificity.

Most all systems can be supported including digestion, blood sugar balancing, detoxification, immune, endocrine (hormones), cardiovascular, respiratory, kidneys/elimination, and neurological. Yes, the brain is a biological organ that uses and is made from nutrients; thinking and feeling also affect biochemistry and need to be supported!

Second Component

Another part of a consultation is creating a balanced diet that supports the conditions you are experiencing and promotes healing. Another goal with modifying the diet is to create a sustainable lifelong plan. Often a therapeutic diet for healing is different from a lifelong plan. Both are essential to discover and involve stepwise changes with observation of responses. Often, there are layers of symptoms to discover and heal.

I support any dietary restrictions or preferences a person chooses. A person might have personal, ethical, environmental, or religious reasons for specific types of diet. However, I will explain any nutritional deficits or imbalances that might occur and how and why it might be important to address.

Third Component

A third component of a consultation is looking at other aspects of life including lifestyle habits, activity/exercise, sleep habits, rest and relaxation, stress and reactions, and thoughts/beliefs. Often when a person simply tries to change their diet, while it might stick for a while, eventually old habits/patterns and cravings kick in. That is because it is often more difficult to change WHY and HOW you eat than simply WHAT you eat. Therefore, we must address behaviors, choices, patterns, and beliefs related to food and eating. Information gathered from the initial interview can help determine when or where some patterns might have started. The client may engage in therapeutic modules that focus on mindful eating and self-compassion which help a person shift. In addition, many times the root cause of a cognitive or psychological issue is a nutritional deficiency or imbalance that can be supported by improving digestion, changing the diet, and decreasing inflammation. It is cyclic! It is important to remember – everything in the body works together and supports every other part!

In addition to all that, as a GAPS Certified Practitioner, I work with people to heal and seal the gut which is a common underlying issue contributing to many health and psychological conditions people experience. The Gut and Psychology Syndrome Diet:

    Is a therapeutic regime to build and heal cells and tissues

    Re-balances the microbiome

    Decreases inflammation

    Gently detoxifies as you progress through the program

    Addresses the gut-brain connection

    Includes diet, supportive supplements, juicing, bathing/sweating, and lifestyle components

    Can be modified for individual needs

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